Could E Learning Be The Solution To Falling Literacy Rates?

What reaction would you get at home if you came back with a 74% aggregate on your report card? Would your parents congratulate you? Probably not, because the level of competition in India has always been staggering and a score of 74% is not going to help you stand out! But despite keeping such high standards for our students, we conveniently avoid talking about our national literacy rate of 74%! DIGICHAMPS started off with a vision to provide quality education through online courses and modern study material, to exactly fill this gap.


But to say that the Indian education system is entirely at fault would be untrue. Blame lies on a variety of factors, which we will discuss below in greater detail. Over the past few years, e learning has stepped up to shoulder the burden of providing a better future for the next generation of students. Here is a list of factors that have created this deficit in education, because of which India does not even rank in the top 100 countries for average literacy rate!


Quality of Education

Indian quality of education is severely lacking. Whether it be outdated textbooks or extremely low standards in public school education, students frequently need to resort to tuitions to understand basic concepts taught in class. Unlike most other e learning platforms, DIGICHAMPS focuses heavily on online tutoring. We even provide students with a personal mentor – a DIGIGURU, who ensures that the student follows all the relevant steps to guarantee growth.


Motivation for Education

Illiteracy rates run rampant in rural parts of India. Most rural residents show least interest in education, preferring instead to start working earlier. Poorer, uneducated Indians also live under the assumption that more children means more earning power for a family. This leads to impoverished, uneducated civilians with little hope of a bright future. But at DIGICHAMPS, we ensure our students are constantly encouraged and pushed to develop their own views.


More Fun than Play

Classroom learning at it’s best can be a fun and interactive way of learning, but this is not the case in most situations. In fact, classroom learning is mostly boring and often taught by unenthusiastic teachers. Additionally, students have a much lower level of retention in classroom learning as compared to online courses. This is due to distractions by classmates and teachers that set their own pace.


Gender Politics

The gap in literacy rate between men and women in India is an astonishing 18%! Because when it comes to education, women are still treated as second class citizens by family and peers alike. The only solution to this archaical thinking is through education. Online study is an effective solution to combat gender bias, its strength lying in anonymity of the student.


It is time to step out of the shadows of a technologically backwards method of education. Step into the light with a new generation of e learning and online study that guarantees results! Choose a better future through the DIGICHAMPS learning app. Check it out on our site at:

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