In the recent years, we have witnessed a tremendous change and improvement in the education system. Whether it is the revised syllabus or the teaching methodology, there is a lot of progress made in this industry to boost the learning concepts for students. The educational institutes are now equipped with the advanced E-learning techniques to make the most complex concepts seem very simple. Although, since the inception of E-learning concept, it has not been implemented to its best. Not every student is lucky enough to get access to this new system of learning because of low awareness about the benefits of online learning. Thus, a lot of parents still want their kid to learn in the classroom blackboard format.
We at DIGICHAMPS believe that E-learning is the future of Education and every student should be benefited from it. E-learning has made it possible for the students to learn beyond the boundaries of educational institutions and even enable the students from different nation and culture to share the platform of the global education system.
We would like to give you some of the most evident differences between regular classroom learning and video learning.
Classroom Learning Video Learning
One teacher for a class full of students One-on-one personalized teaching and learning
Traditional teachers and traditional teaching methodology Student friendly teachers and modern teaching methodology
Focused on completing the portions for exams Focused on learning and understanding one concept at a time
Teaching and learning happens at a stipulated time. Teaching and learning can be done at child’s own pace.
Limited or NO time to share study tips and techniques. Every concept is taught with logics and learning techniques.
No visuals are used in classroom teaching to explain the concepts Enticing visuals and real-life examples are involved in video learning for better understanding of the concepts
Tests and analysis are conducted once in a quarter including 3 to 4 chapters in a subject Tests are taken chapter wise with in-depth analysis
Revisions happen only if time permits All the topics can be revised as many times as required
The concept of Classroom learning is repetitive and boring The concept of video learning is more adaptive with interesting visuals and examples

It is a very obvious human fact that we memorize the content that we have watched for a longer period of time than the one we read in the form of text. Also, the videos give a deeper explanation of the concept using different technology that comes up in the form of rich visuals.
We at DIGICHAMPS believe that while classroom teaching helps students study, the video learning help them understanding the concepts with perfection. Download the DIGICHAMPS app and fall in love with learning with the FUNDUCATION way of education. Become a smart learner by adopting video learning today with real-life video lessons and practical demonstrations for better understanding.

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