A Personalised E-Learning Approach to the Different Learning Types Amongst Students

Much like students, learning comes in all shapes and sizes. As one of the largest platforms for e-learning in India, DIGICHAMPS has categorized learning into four distinct groups. In the future, we will refer to these categories as learning types. It is important to first understand that not every student learns in the same way. For example, some students may prefer to study using textbooks, while others might find the same text-based format to be incredibly taxing.

Through our online study platform, we create unique and personalized approaches for students of different learning types. Here is how DIGICHAMPS categorizes students.

Text-based Learners

For students that enjoy reading and writing, text-based learning is the most ideal format. DIGICHAMPS provides these learning types with highly informative breakdowns of concepts and course notes that offer insights into the lesson. Our online courses come fully equipped with text-based course content.

Auditory Learners

Audio learning types prefer to be taught orally. These students are great listeners and can understand concepts with ease when someone takes the time to explain it to them. Our mentors, also known as DIGIGURUS, provide complete support for these learning types. They connect with students to explain concepts and clarify doubts at all times of the day!

Practical Learners

Practical learning types depend on physical applications of concepts to understand them. These students learn from experience, internalizing concepts as they perform them with their own hands. DIGICHAMPS’ online courses provide a one-of-a-kind gamified testing process that pushes students to test themselves and learn from their mistakes in a fun manner.

Visual Learners

It is said that seeing is believing, and for visual learning types especially, this is very true! But it should be also noted that visual aids are powerful tools that can make learning extremely interesting for any student, regardless of learning types. DIGICHAMPS creates real-life video lessons, helping students to learn from practical demonstrations.

We provide students with a personalized lesson plan based on their learning type. A DIGICHAMPS student is first categorized into one of the four learning types. Based on which category he/she belongs to, our DIGIGURUS pick an appropriate format for online tutoring.

The DIGICHAMPS e-learning app aims to provide students with modern education in a modern format. From our extensive online courses to tab-based learning, there is no length we wouldn’t go to ensure a bright future for our students! Find out more on our site at: https://thedigichamps.com

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