E-learning & Entrepreneurship: Promoting a culture of innovation in India

Game changing practices of online courses and online tutoring have altered traditional education, and you can see these changes most prevalently in schools and colleges today! Take, for example, the introduction of entrepreneurship courses, which have been a long time coming and are finally starting to appear in syllabuses across schools, colleges and even e-learning in India.

Entrepreneurship, in simplest words, is the activity of setting up a new business. Like most things, this sounds much simpler on paper. The only way to foster this entrepreneurial spirit is through personal experience and exposure to innovation at an early age. But remember that an experienced mentor can be the most valuable asset to a budding young entrepreneur!

Let’s take a look at how one of India’s premiere e learning platforms, DIGICHAMPS has successfully incorporated entrepreneurship and innovation in their online study app.

Educating through experience

The DIGICHAMPS online course comprises of an incredible range of practical demonstrations of school curriculum, application-based concept explainers, fun revision games and detailed analysis of tests. The aim is to encourage application-based learning, to show students and parents the importance of real world utilization of knowledge. The first step to entrepreneurial ambition is a sense of curiosity and wonder!

Modernization and mentorship

Innovation leads to modernization, and entrepreneurship follows a similar path. A few years ago you may have laughed at the thought of online tutoring in India, but this perception has changed entirely if competition in e learning is any indication. What separates DIGICHAMPS from other platforms of online study is the round the clock availability of a personal mentor – or DIGIGURUs. Not only are these tutors certified educators but also some of the most encouraging people you’ll meet!

Promoting research

One of the biggest outcomes of entrepreneurship is the increase in research and testing. Entrepreneurs don’t just sit around, they act! They think of new ideas, research the market and test out their solutions. The DIGICHAMPS app is filled with safe and exciting experiments students can perform at home, and understand real life applications of concepts they studied, so they improve and master it over a course of time!

Enforcing strong morals

Most successful entrepreneurs try to identify a common public issue and then fill this gap with their new business. Entrepreneurship not only helps add to our national economy but also empowers community and addresses problems in society and infrastructure. We believe in cultivating a strong moral compass in DIGICHAMPS students, while our DIGIGURUS are trained to provide positive encouragement and individual mentorship.

Find out more about our e learning app on our site: https://thedigichamps.com/

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