Getting Woke: The Mentors Promoting Independent Thinking

Just a short time ago, in lieu of social injustices perpetrated by governmental agencies and officials, African Americans came up with the term ‘woke’ describing independent thinkers that were unafraid of airing their views and spreading the message about immoral practices. In June 2017, the term ‘woke’ was even officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The world today is connected to social media and lightning fast internet, where free-thinking individuals are not just welcomed, but needed. It now falls upon mentors and tutors to show students how they can develop these traits for independent thinking, from as early as the school itself!


This brings us to the main question at hand, “how does one encourage independent thinking?”. To answer this question, let us consider the DIGICHAMPS e-learning platform. DIGICHAMPS has created a highly immersive online platform for students who want to go beyond learning, for students who want to understand concepts, apply them in real life situations and create a strong work ethic for continued success in life. Here’s how they do it.


Step 1: Creating an open environment

By providing a platform for the online study where questions are encouraged, DIGICHAMPS creates an environment that promotes learning and thinking. Personal mentors, known as DIGIGURUS spend time individually with students to help address queries and make students feel acknowledged. A relaxed atmosphere is conducive to free thinking.


Step 2: What is an independent thinking?

You can most commonly find independent thinking skills in leaders. Independent thinkers are confident in their abilities and able to make intelligent decisions after considering all the factors in play. DIGIGURUS function as more than tuition teachers, they can be considered to be life coaches that help students polish leadership skills by being approachable and available 24/7!

Step 3: Fact-checking & first-hand learning

There is no limit to the information available online, but not all of it is accurate. DIGICHAMPS teaches students to check sources and confirm for themselves if what is being taught is correct. Their video lessons include real-world examples of concepts, which enables students to see its application for themselves. Seeing is believing.

Step 4: Reward individual achievements

Individual achievements and initiatives are rewarded at DIGICHAMPS. Take for example their testing method, which rewards high scorers by proudly displaying their names on a leaderboard for other students to see. Not only that, they can also earn coins for each task they complete and redeem them later for exciting gifts.

Step 5: Encouraging dissenting opinions

At DIGICHAMPS, diverging views are encouraged. Everyone has their opinion and by encouraging students to form their own point-of-view on matters, the DIGICHAMPS tuition teachers promote independent thinking.

Find out more about the independent thinkers at DIGICHAMPS, learn about how their e-learning platform and how dedicated mentors provide meaningful learning experiences for student across the nation. Visit their site at

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