Get a Head Start on Next Year’s Classes with 24/7 E-Learning

The end of the school year marks a time of celebration. You’re done with exams and results are still months away! While most students choose to spend this time lazing about and killing time, truly dedicated students try to get a headstart on next year’s classes. But even these students face a major obstacle to learning. Like students, most tutors take a break during this offseason, leaving students to study new concepts on their own. This is where DIGICHAMPS’ online study and online tutoring platform provides the perfect solution for dedicated students. Don’t let timing impede your desire to learn!

We would like to present a fun, five-point simulation that shows how a DIGICHAMPS student would prepare for, and prosper in the coming year’s classes through our e-learning app.

Stage 1: Availability

Think of our e-learning app as a giant library of carefully curated content, from class 6 to class 10 maths and science all included. The only difference between DIGICHAMPS and a library is that we don’t close at night. Pick whatever you’d like to study, whenever you’d like to study. Our servers are up 24/7 and so are our DIGIGURUS.

Stage 2: Mentors

Speaking of DIGIGURUS – the DIGICHAMPS mentors, we believe every student should have a strong support system in place. Every new school year brings with it new concepts and tougher topics. Our DIGIGURUS encourage students to ask questions and get doubts clarified. They will even sit down and go through concepts step by step when needed.

Stage 3: Pace

Learning a new concept from scratch can be intimidating and even classroom learning can provide a challenge for students. Students feel shy to ask questions in class, for fear of disrupting their teacher’s lesson. Peer pressure starts building up as students watch other classmates understand concepts quicker than they can. Our online courses can be paused and revisited at any time, providing a platform for students to learn at their own pace.

Stage 4: Confidence

At some point or the other, all of us have asked our teacher to repeat a concept and still not get it! It makes you feel frustrated and lose confidence in yourself. But by studying concepts in advance, students are prepared mentally to follow lesson plans. At this point students aren’t just learning, they’re revising!

Stage 5: Participation

DIGICHAMPS understands the importance of understanding. Students go to school to learn concepts, but this generally translates into just memorizing. DIGICHAMPS ensures students get more through our interactive online courses because we believe engagement is the key to driving understanding. Students that are prepared for coming classes are more likely to participate actively in class and to keep updated on their syllabus.

Don’t wait for next year, become a champ today with the DIGICHAMPS e-learning app. Get a head start on life! Find out more at

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