How To Top? Performing Well in CBSE

Every student dreams of topping, but obviously only one can. This doesn’t mean you can’t perform exceptionally; keep aiming for the top! We have put together a list of some helpful tips and techniques sure to get you a top spot. Remember that the competition is going to be tough just as it is in real-life, so keep practising and good luck!

Don’t Get Distracted

Definitely the most important point to keep in mind. There are so many sources of distractions- apps, games, YouTube videos and so much more. It is imperative that when you get down to studying, you keep all distractions out of reach!

This is much harder than it seems. With the influx of information from everywhere, attention spans today do not last more than a few minutes. If you find yourself getting distracted, take a minute to gather your thoughts or just take a break for a few minutes, but not a little too often!

Apply your concepts

The quickest way to learn a concept is to apply it practically. If you are stuck on a topic, try experimenting with its applications in your daily life. Check out a video to see live demonstrations. Find ways to base your e learning in real world settings; not only will it help you learn difficult concepts but also make the whole process a lot more fun!

Clarify all doubts

Even the smallest shadow of a doubt can be damaging to your preparation. 99% surety is 100% doubt. Remember that there are no ‘stupid’ questions. All questions are important, especially when they help you learn something new!

Read every-day

With the advent of smartphone technology and digitization of publications, there is a clear decline in reading. Regular reading – whether it’s a book, e learning app or a device – is extremely useful in expanding your attention span and also helps you pick up concepts much faster.

Test yourself

There are two types of test takers, those who enjoy the challenge and those who dread it. No matter which category you fall into, testing yourself is key to improving yourself. If you have no idea what you’re doing wrong, you won’t be able to work on it either.

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