5 Ways DIGICHAMPS Is Improving Educational Practices In India

Almost a year old now, DIGICHAMPS has already created significant improvements to the educational practices in India. This young startup was founded by Swoyan Satyendu, who had a singular motive when he came up with DIGICHAMPS – to provide a complete and fun support system for students across India!

  • Testing – something to look forward to!

Never before has there been such a demand for testing, especially amongst students! DIGICHAMPS has changed the way students think of tests, by converting it into a game-like feature!

Tests are taken intermittently after courses, but here’s the catch – all scores are published on leaderboards; like high scores in a game. Not only has this given a much welcome push to competition among students but also encouraged students to learn!

  • Real – practical and fun formats

How many times have you sat in class and wondered, ‘Will I ever actually use this?’ You don’t need to wonder anymore. DIGICHAMPS ensures all concepts are taught through easy-to-follow, real world examples; and in fun formats like documentary-like videos complimented by cartoon like animations.

  • Mentors – friendly and supportive

Live – that is the keyword here. DIGICHAMPS provides support 24/7. There is no question too hard or too simple for our tutors. Our mentors are here to lend you a supportive and friendly ear, and clear all your doubts. Keep calling, there’ll always be someone to answer!

  • Guarantee – improved results assured!

We know for a fact how effective our learning techniques are. In fact we are so sure, we even provide with a guarantee of an increase in your grades by at least 5%! We provide your child with the tools they need to succeed and teach him to harness his true potential, because after all – every student has the potential for greatness!

  • Parents – when does the nagging end?

As a student, you have probably noticed the constant reminders your parents keep dropping – study hard, work hard, be number one and so on. As parents, you can’t help but worry about the well being of your child.

DIGICHAMPS has put this issue to rest at both sides, with our robust smartphone app. Monitor your child’s progress non-invasively. Students can also share results and information with parents to help ease their worries.

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