Nature vs Nurture: Can Beautification Make Classroom and E-Learning More Accessible?

The debate between nature vs nurture has been fought for decades. Those on the side of nature believe that humans are born with behaviour, personality traits and abilities embedded in our genes, while people on the nurture side of the debate believe that these traits are acquired over a person’s life with the environment having great influence over the matter. However, as an educator, you should have complete clarity of thought; a mentor is tasked with nurturing their students’ talents.

Step into a typical Indian classroom. You are likely to find monotone walls with barely any natural light and an atmosphere of laziness hanging thick in the air. Such an environment is completely counterproductive to learning, but it is, unfortunately, the common scenario. So it should come as no surprise that students have to resort to online tuitions and coaching centres to cover the same topics they should have learnt in class!

Beautification can change the dynamics of classroom learning and in fact, also plays a big role in e-learning. Creatively designed user interfaces can make online study highly engaging and accessible. The benefits of a beautified classroom – physical or digital – lie on the nurture side of the aforementioned debate.
Comfortable environment
A comfortable, home-like atmosphere can ease students into the learning process and make them feel more confident about expressing themselves.

On an e-learning platform, user interface defines the first impression students make.

Creative environment
Colourful walls, decorated with images and posters can encourage students to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

Online study allows students to endlessly indulge in their curiosity, making course content available in creative and exciting formats.

Engaging environment
Get students to take part in the beautification of their classroom. It will help them open up and express themselves in unique ways.

Online courses are portals for collaborative learning. In today’s world, students feel more comfortable messaging each other than they would while speaking in class. E-learning can promote engagement through discussion.

Some ideas to beautify your classroom
Students are blank slates, their minds extremely receptive to new information. It falls upon mentors and teachers to impart useful information and create an open environment for learning.
Get students involved
Let your students help decorate the classroom. It will allow them to express themselves and feel more comfortable engaging with others.

Learning Aids
Use creative learning aids like YouTube videos and podcasts to present information in new formats. E-learning platforms like DIGICHAMPS enjoy huge success due to their highly immersive video lessons.

Multicultural Exposure
Get students to share their experiences and customs with the rest of the class. The only way to defeat ignorance is through education. Online study can open the doors to hugely diverse groups of students from all over the nation and abroad.

Time Capsules & Video Diaries
Maintain a video diary for your classroom and let students express their ambitions and interests. Revisit it at the end of the year and show your students how far they have come.

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