E-learning: a boon for quality education

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We are well aware of the fact that education is the basis of an important social division in modern-day societies. It is extremely important to be educated to excel in all walks of life. With the help of quality education, our youth can lead the nation to great stature. This is where e-learning comes in to play. E-learning, a learning system based on formal teaching but with the help of electronic resources is the best way to provide quality education to the youth of the nation.  We, at DIGICHAMPS, nurture the minds of students with the help of our incredible e-learning packages.

There is a lot of competition in every sector, be it corporate or small-scale organization. Even the education sector is no longer immune to competition. There is a race among education providers to impart the best quality education to the students. DIGICHAMPS is one of the best ed-tech companies that gives students an opportunity to build their knowledge and skill set. Surely visual memory lasts long, but audiovisual memory lasts longer. Keeping this concept in mind, our team members at DIGICHAMPS recreate educational content based on CBSE curriculum.

We believe in having a practical approach, so we develop small movies and shoot real-life videos to enhance the quality of learning. At DIGICHAMPS, the techniques that we apply are simple and easy, so that students can conveniently understand, relate and learn the concepts. Learning at DIGICHAMPS is a perfect mix of teachers, animation and practical application of studies in the form of videos. We deliver our services to the enrolled students at a minimal price with an assurance of at least 5% growth in academics.

E-learning is way better than taking tuitions because it is cost effective. Moreover, it enables students to study at their own time and place. E-learning has proved to be a potentially better method for imparting quality education to the students. The use of advanced technology and intellectual approach of education solution providers, like DIGICHAMPS, towards the education system has set new standards in the field of e-learning.


Learning made easy by e-learning courses

Have an easy access to quality study material with the help of e-learning courses.

Education is one of the most important areas in terms of economic development of a nation. Due to the channeling of more amount of money to national security, the education facilities have faced a lot of challenges in our country in the recent years. Education is must, but the high rate of population growth has brought a gap between the students and quality education. This gap is being narrowed with the day by education solution providers like DIGICHAMPS. E-learning courses make it easy for the students to improve their grades as audio visual memory lasts longer than visual memory. E-learning courses have also contributed to a significant reduction of costs.  DIGICHAMPS is here to provide e-learning courses to make learning fun and interesting.  

Now days, use of web is inevitable in the education sector. Online learning has become a significant approach to spreading knowledge and hence enhancing education. Students only need to have access to the suitable technology such as the internet, intranet, and personal computers. Notably, e-learning focuses on the efforts applied by the students in addition to the knowledge they receive from the teachers in classroom learning.

E-learning has maximized the scope by providing a technical approach towards delivering skills and knowledge to the students. E-learning has made it possible for students to access to unlimited content with ease. At DIGICHAMPS, the pace of delivering the lecture is dependent on the grasping capabilities of the student. We evaluate the performance of the students after completing a particular chapter. A global test is also conducted for students of every grade. It enables us to analyze how well they understand and which areas to focus on.

The e-learning courses at DIGICHAMPS offer you the opportunity to get quality education at a reasonable price. Parents can also keep a track of their child’s performance. The e-learning courses provide a better understanding of the subjects. Hence at DIGICHAMPS, we have made learning easy with our e-learning courses

Opt the best to be the best: online education for class 6th to 10th

You no longer have to be worried about your child’s secondary education as DIGICHAMPS is here to provide online education for class 6th to 10th.

The concepts of class 6th to class 10th act as a base for higher education and competitive exams in India. So, it is really important to understand these concepts thoroughly. Online learning is a great method for better understanding and clearer concepts. DIGICHAMPS has brought a revolution in the field of online education for class 6th to 10th. We have comprehensive packages for students as per their needs like the beginner, expert, pro, pro+, etc. As a result of this, DIGICHAMPS is one of the leading ed-tech companies in eastern India, committed to providing online education for class 6th to 10th.

We at DIGICHAMPS aim at making the education system fun and interesting for the students. Our interactive way of teaching enables the enrolled students of class 6th to class 10th to easily understand the complex topics of mathematics and science. Students can access the content anywhere at any time. Topics like trigonometry, probability in mathematics and electricity and magnetism in science are no more a nightmare for students.

We even have a demo package to help you be double sure of DIGICHAMPS being the right choice for your child. The price of this demo package is affordable. Though the packages are available only for the students of class 6th to10th of the CBSE board, the students from other boards can also use these packages to enhance their knowledge and skill.

Students can ask doubts online. With the help of offline packages, students can view the content offline. We even have a mobile application to enhance our platform of providing online education for class 6th to 10th. These extraordinary features of DIGICHAMPS make it an ideal choice among other initiatives of online education for class 6th to 10th.

CBSE orders re-exam of Class X mathematics: Decision in 15 days

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to re-conduct the examinations for Mathematics (Class 10) over reports of paper leak.The board has taken recognition of certain happenings in the conduct of certain examinations as reported. With the view to sustain the inviolability of the Board Examinations and in terms of the fairness to the students, the Board has decided to re-conduct the examinations. Dates for fresh examinations and the other details shall be hosted on the CBSE website within a week, a CBSE notice said.

“Regarding Class 10th re-examination – as leak was restricted to only Delhi and Haryana, if it at all happened, re-exam will happen only in Delhi and Haryana and a decision will be taken on this in the next 15 days. If at all a re-exam is done, it will be held in July,” Mr Swarup said.

There will be no re-examination for Non-Resident Indians or NRI students, he clarified.

On March 15, the Delhi government said it received complaints from the CBSE about Exam papers being leaked. The CBSE, however, denied there was a leak.

“I really feel sorry and sad for the students who have to give their exams again for no fault of theirs. Responsibility should be fixed and strict action should be taken against those responsible.” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted.

Samajwadi party leader Akhilesh Yadav said, “Election dates, sensitive information and data, and persistent leaks in papers for various exams are the result of government falling into wrong hands, and the mismanagement of the system. Why do children and youth of the country have to suffer because of others’ mistake?”

Meanwhile some teachers, parents and students are planning to move to the Delhi High Court seeking re-exam and an independent probe on the leaks. The parents and students claim that even the class X Social Studies exam papers were leaked among others. According to a senior MHRD official, the dates for the re-exam will be announced in due course.

While CBSE is yet to clarify if the re-exam will be for Delhi region or all India, more reports emerged yesterday that the Class X Maths paper was being circulated on Tuesday night in other regions as well.


Everyone, at some point or the other, has faced the fear of exams. This fear ends up in unwanted stress and anxiety.

BOARD EXAMS are always scary! But, proper guidance can help you get rid of the unwanted burden.

In this article, you will find useful tips which will help you beat exam fear and stress, and help in scoring your goal in exams.

Early Morning Revisions: It is always advised by the experts to study in wee hours of the mornings during exams. Not only is one’s mind fresh after a good sleep but also there is very little disturbance during that time. You can feel the difference yourself.

Time management:  Prepare a timeline for yourself. Sketch out a timetable for each subject, break them into various time slots. Give maximum time volume to the subjects that you are less prepared in. Take out time for recreational activities and take small breaks rather than long ones. It is preferred to take small walks and create proper balance between each subject.

Conceptual Understanding:  Always focus on understanding the topic in order to get a hold of it. Do not try cramming the syllabus, as it never works. Mugging up never lasts long, conceptual understanding does. Having a clear understanding of the topic makes it easy to shape your thoughts on the answer during the exam.

Make Notes: Always write what you read; it engraves your memory with what you have learned. Making notes in your own handwriting keeps the concept fresh for a longer period of time. Use colorful pens to make the notes attractive, this catches interest for yourself when you read them again.

Sample Papers: Take help from sample papers. They have a range of questions covering a copy of previous year’s question papers that will definitely help you in preparing well for the exams. Solving these papers gives you an idea of the important topics as well as helps you revise almost the entire syllabus.

Do Not Postpone: Always stick to your plan. Create a target each day and achieve it. This will increase your focus and dedication and help you stay updated as per your timetable.  Postponing anything for the next day will increase your burden and will harm your preparation flow.

Well, it is normal practice to experience stress during exams, but it is essential not to let it affect your performance and mental peace. The key to being in control is being well prepared.

We at DIGICHAMPS bring to you the FUNDUCATION way of education. With the 24×7 subject expert guidance, you can improve your overall grades in exams. We also guarantee 5% increase in marks along with deeper understanding of the concepts. Download the DIGICHAMPS app and start your fun learning journey.

Are We Alone In The Universe?

The existence of Earth-like planets has reinforced our interest in discovering the existence of extra-terrestrial life or in more common words, ALIENS.

Given the expanse of the Universe, some believe it is impossible not to have intelligent life on other planets. Our senses and perception are limited to a 3D world. We do not have access to higher dimensions and extra senses, as of now. Thus, to reach out any conclusion will be a hurried decision.

It’s totally logical to assume that other forms of things exist, but we may not realize or sense ‘them’. It would also require a desire to go find other species, one strong enough to expend a massive amount of effort.

According to NASA, there are trillions of stars in the OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE and 1 out of every 5 stars has an Earth-like planet revolving around it. Using this logic, in the Milky Way galaxy itself, there must be around 20 thousand planets harboring human level life. But if all the above considerations are valid, then why haven’t we found extra-terrestrial beings till date?

Since the mid-20th century, there has been an ongoing search for signs of extraterrestrial life. This encompasses a search for current and historic extraterrestrial life. The search methods may range from the analysis of telescope and specimen data to radios used to detect and send communication signals. Some bodies in the Solar System have the potential for an environment in which extraterrestrial life can exist, particularly those with a possibility of having water bodies in them. Mars may have niche sub-surface environments where microbial life might exist. A sub-surface marine environment found on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, might be the most likely habitat in our solar system, outside Earth.

A study published in 2017 suggests that due to complexity evolved in species on Earth, the level of predictability for alien evolution elsewhere would make them look similar to life on our planet.

There is a lot more work to be done to understand what aliens might be like and where we might find them. And the tantalizing question – Are we alone in this ever-expanding Universe? – remains unanswered.

So what do you think?  Do we have neighbors’ in the Universe?

We at DIGICHAMPS believe that we should not go with the assumptions as long as it is not delivering a reasonable end result. But, if the assumption truly ends with a positive outcome, then it will be a great thing to know that there are lives existing on other planets and the concept of alien is true.

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