The Difference a Positive Mentor Can Make

The mind of a young student is like a sponge, soaking up external stimuli at home and at school to mould the person they will become tomorrow. So, not only is it extremely crucial to monitor the type of behaviour students exhibit but also to pay attention to interactions they have with parents and mentors. Education has been a very stressful topic for students, but it doesn’t have to be anymore!

DIGICHAMPS provides a platform for online study through an inspiring educational app that comes equipped with a detailed and interactive syllabus, fun methods of testing that promote e-learning and the star of the show – their DIGIGURUS! Our highly approachable mentors are available at any time to help resolve doubts and provide a positive online tutoring experience.

To properly understand the need for positive reinforcement by teachers and mentors, it is first necessary to understand the disadvantages of negative reinforcement.

Negative Reinforcement

The first thing to understand is that negative reinforcement is unrelated to punishment! Negative reinforcement primarily deals with avoiding or escaping external factors of stress. Here is how they would present themselves in students:

  • Through Education
    Education can be a very stressful topic whether traditional or e-learning. The cause of this stress always remains the same – competition. Pressure to perform well can cause a lot of anxiety and worry in students. 
  • Avoiding Confrontation
    Negative reinforcement presents itself in form of avoiding issues. Students are left with a desire to escape at the first sign of trouble, unable to face real-world challenges head-on. 
  • Low Self Esteem
    When goals are not met, students try to avoid the implication and invariably end up lowering standards – for themselves and their education!

Positive Mentoring

Encouragement can do wonders and our DIGIGURUS understand this thoroughly. Check out some of the ways our mentors help encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Setting Goals
    We don’t set goals for our students, our DIGIGURUS guide their students as they set goals for themselves. It isn’t our job to define our students’ ambitions, we just mentor and encourage them along the way to reach where they want to. 
  • Acknowledgement
    Whether it’s a perfect test score in one of our online courses or just a well-formulated answer, no achievement is too small to celebrate! DIGIGURUS acknowledge every effort students put into their work. 
  • Rewards!
    Sure, not every achievement is the same. Some are bigger than others, but they still deserve to be rewarded! Our e-learning app rewards students for their achievements. For instance, by displaying the names of test toppers proudly on top of our leaderboards!

And the students also earn coins for each completed task, which they could redeem for real prizes.


  • Listen Carefully
    Besides being a mentor that is always available, our DIGIGURUS are also trained to actively engage students in conversations and listen actively. We make sure our students are heard! 

Helpful Tips

Keep the following in mind when encouraging your students.

  • Ask, don’t interrogate!
    A positive mentor doesn’t grill students for answers or accuse them of being incorrect. DIGIGURUS ask students for opinions, acknowledges them and then corrects misunderstandings. 
  • Keep it fresh!
    Students understand when you are patronizing them. Don’t resort to using the same generic compliments over and over again. Find something you genuinely appreciate and compliment them on it. Be authentic.

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