Promoting Individuality and Personality Development Amongst Students

Schooling in India deals with broad issues of education and job preparation. However, more often than not, real-life skills and critical thinking are not amply catered to. When a student graduates from high school, he or she is often left unprepared for the challenges life brings. While book learning is necessary and core concepts of science and maths are crucial to student development, practical skills play as big a part in the student’s future!


Educational institutes need to focus equally on encouraging individualistic thinking as much as they do on knowledge of the course. You can memorize equations and dates, but certain lessons can only be taught through practical experience. We should be inculcating a sense of intrigue in our students, to question everything and even learn from non-conventional sources.


Another stigma associated with education in India is college. Students may not always want to attend college, or have the means to do so. This does not mean they are any less deserving, in fact schools should mould students into self-reliant beings capable of functioning outside traditional roles in society.


At the end of the day, knowledge is only as useful as it’s application. As a tution teacher or a parent, it falls upon you to equip the next generation with the tools to survive. Most students in India pass out with twelve years of information crammed in their heads, followed by four more years in college and absolutely no idea about what they want to do in life.


It is time to channel our focus inwards. Help your wards realise their true potential. Help them realize what they want to do, what they find interesting and identify their own strengths. This process of self-discovery is essential to creating open-minded individuals, capable of thinking for themselves and facing any challenges life might throw at them. Major changes in the educational system need to be implemented for this kind of e learning, but it all starts with you!


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