Stop Micromanaging Your Children With Help From the Best Platform for Online Study!

For new and experienced parents alike, the moment your child enters the world you have an overwhelming urge to give him/her the best possible treatment! But what starts off as a perfectly natural display of love and affection, soon turns into a routine with far-reaching effects in your child’s future. And when it comes to education particularly, we have noticed there is a lot of spoon-feeding done at home and school both. Online study platforms are driving change towards a more practical learning experience: an e-learning experience!

It is said that by the time a student enters the second grade, parents should stop being actively involved in homework and instead play a spectator role. DIGICHAMPS offers a healthy alternative to homework micromanaging through online tutoring with a DIGIGURU – a mentor available at all hours of the day to clarify doubts and explain concepts, but not do your homework for you!

To further expand on the perils of micromanagement, here are a few character traits micromanaged children often display.

  • Dependent
    Having been served the answers on a plate for their entire lives, these children can show difficulty formulating logical solutions to real-world problems on their own. While this may not interfere with daily lives, it can create indecisive future members of society.

    The DIGICHAMPS e-learning app features highly intuitive tests designed to make students think logically and apply concepts to succeed. 
  • Stunted Learning
    Learning is a process which involves making mistakes and then improving on them. And some skills can’t be taught at all but must be learned personally, take for example swimming. You can read up on it but you won’t learn how to swim till you dive in!

    Micromanaged children are often denied this opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them first-hand. 
  • Entitled
    Students that get all their homework done for them can never truly appreciate the effort spent and the concepts used to solve problems. This creates entitled and lazy people, expecting work to be done for them. 
  • Self-Critical
    Heavily micromanaged students can also suffer from unhealthy expectations that lead to highly self-critical behaviour. Never satisfied with the level of perfection, these types of students rely heavily on feedback from peers and mentors.

Our DIGIGURUS are trained to provide healthy and positive feedback, encouraging your children to perform to the best of their abilities. We firmly believe that there is no question too small to ask and no mistake you can’t learn from!

DIGICHAMPS offers students and innovative way of e-learning and allows parents to regularly monitor their child’s progress without hampering their individual learning process! Find out more on our site and download the app today to get started!

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