The Rise of Soft Skills in Traditional and E-Learning

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What is a paradigm shift? A change in approach and in preconceived assumptions is known as a paradigm shift. And the education industry specifically is seeing many such shifts, from classroom learning to e-learning, from after-school tuitions to online tutoring and from hard skills to soft skills!

Hard skills vs Soft skills
Hard skills are skills which can be measured tangibly and taught through traditional methods. These skills include maths, language and computer software skills, amongst many others.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are very difficult to measure and are currently being taught through non-conventional methods such as online courses and workshops in schools, colleges and even businesses! These skills include the ability to communicate openly, displaying emotional empathy and presenting yourself, to name a few.

Soft skills through online study
You may have a friend that only talks freely with you around and barely at all when he/she is in a group. You might even be that person yourself! Most children and adults alike, have a fear of public speaking.

At DIGICHAMPS, we believe soft skills are really important for students to mould their future personalities. Having the right knowledge without the right presentation can cause more harm than good. So, we promote soft skills in our students via:
Open communication
DIGICHAMPS provides fun and interactive e-learning. We encourage students to speak up and be heard. Our DIGIGURUS provide doubt clarifications on an individual basis. Students who are afraid of asking questions in class can put their problems to rest with the guidance of our mentors, in addition to developing an attitude of asking questions.

Work ethic
One of the coolest DIGICHAMPS app features is our game-like test taking process. We hold regular tests to keep our students in touch with previous topics and then publish results on a leaderboard to foster a sense of competition. Our DIGIGURUS then attend to each student personally to mentor them on what to focus on and how to improve scores. It is very important to hold post test analysis and this is the strong work ethic we develop in our students.

DIGICHAMPS strives to provide the most comprehensive online study platform for students of grades VI – X. Here are some of the biggest advantages of learning with us!

An innovative and effective online course, developed by veteran educators
Certified DIGIGURUS provided to every student for round-the-clock support
Engaging tab-based learning and collaborative study techniques
Real life learning through video demonstrations and live examples
A guarantee of 5% increase in your grades!

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The E-Learning X-Factor: What Makes An E-Learning App Truly Effective?

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Recent years have seen an emergence in many online study platforms, platforms which have tried but failed to create a meaningful learning experience. There is a reason why online education is considered sub-par to traditional learning methods. Even degrees from online schools and colleges are treated as second-rate certifications when compared to on-site education.

And the reason is very simple! Most e learning platforms simply lift content from textbooks and copy paste them in attractive formats. This provides no additional benefit and the lack of a dedicated teacher can actually be a far less effective method of learning.

DIGICHAMPS, the champions of e learning in India have created an engaging curriculum of online courses on its app-based platform. We provide a smarter method of e learning, for a smarter generation of students!

  • Immersive Process

Basic e-learning: Most e learning apps not only utilize the same content as found in your textbooks, but also the same language! Learning with a basic e learning app means scrolling through slide after slide, something you could’ve been doing with your textbook too!

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: Our approach is an interactive one. DIGICHAMPS students are greeted by attractive infographics and videos on every screen. Tests are turned into a fun game like activities and scores are published on leaderboards to promote competition. Interactive learning is effective learning!

  • Easy to Follow

Basic e-learning: Besides outdated content and boring formats, another mistake most basic

e learning apps make, is completely neglecting the user interface. Today, internet is accessed majorly through smartphones. So ensure your app isn’t just functional, but also fun to use!

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: In addition to a beautiful and crisp user interface, our e learning app also provides a logical flow for online study. Students begin their learning experience with easy to understand explanations of concepts, followed by revision through physical application and real life examples. After this, they are tested in a fun gamelike process and finally mentored by our DIGIGURUS to prevent making the same mistakes again!

  • DIGIGURU Advantage

Basic e-learning: As is the case with most online study, once you have paid you are on your own! You get a bundle of content and resources, but how you use them falls entirely on your own shoulders.

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: Every student on our platform receives an individual mentor that is available to you 24/7. Whether it’s a tiny doubt or an entire concept you need clarified, our DIGIGURUS are available, always!

  • The DIY method

Basic e-learning: There is a huge difference in what do-it-yourself (DIY) means to a basic e learning app and what it means to DIGICHAMPS. For basic apps this would mean that you are given tools to succeed and then left on your own to do so.

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: For us, DIY refers to our dozens of videos of live demonstrations and practically applied concepts you can try out for yourself at home. Learn by applying, by doing it yourself! But feel free to reach out to a DIGIGURU whenever you need help!

  • History of Success

We can’t talk about the success of other e learning apps. What we can tell you, is that DIGICHAMPS has tutored thousands of students and upheld the guarantee of a 5% increase in scores for each and every one of them!

Download the DIGICHAMPS e learning app and witness for yourself the difference a good online course can make! Find out more on:

The Difference a Positive Mentor Can Make

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The mind of a young student is like a sponge, soaking up external stimuli at home and at school to mould the person they will become tomorrow. So, not only is it extremely crucial to monitor the type of behaviour students exhibit but also to pay attention to interactions they have with parents and mentors. Education has been a very stressful topic for students, but it doesn’t have to be anymore!

DIGICHAMPS provides a platform for online study through an inspiring educational app that comes equipped with a detailed and interactive syllabus, fun methods of testing that promote e-learning and the star of the show – their DIGIGURUS! Our highly approachable mentors are available at any time to help resolve doubts and provide a positive online tutoring experience.

To properly understand the need for positive reinforcement by teachers and mentors, it is first necessary to understand the disadvantages of negative reinforcement.

Negative Reinforcement

The first thing to understand is that negative reinforcement is unrelated to punishment! Negative reinforcement primarily deals with avoiding or escaping external factors of stress. Here is how they would present themselves in students:

  • Through Education
    Education can be a very stressful topic whether traditional or e-learning. The cause of this stress always remains the same – competition. Pressure to perform well can cause a lot of anxiety and worry in students. 
  • Avoiding Confrontation
    Negative reinforcement presents itself in form of avoiding issues. Students are left with a desire to escape at the first sign of trouble, unable to face real-world challenges head-on. 
  • Low Self Esteem
    When goals are not met, students try to avoid the implication and invariably end up lowering standards – for themselves and their education!

Positive Mentoring

Encouragement can do wonders and our DIGIGURUS understand this thoroughly. Check out some of the ways our mentors help encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Setting Goals
    We don’t set goals for our students, our DIGIGURUS guide their students as they set goals for themselves. It isn’t our job to define our students’ ambitions, we just mentor and encourage them along the way to reach where they want to. 
  • Acknowledgement
    Whether it’s a perfect test score in one of our online courses or just a well-formulated answer, no achievement is too small to celebrate! DIGIGURUS acknowledge every effort students put into their work. 
  • Rewards!
    Sure, not every achievement is the same. Some are bigger than others, but they still deserve to be rewarded! Our e-learning app rewards students for their achievements. For instance, by displaying the names of test toppers proudly on top of our leaderboards!

And the students also earn coins for each completed task, which they could redeem for real prizes.


  • Listen Carefully
    Besides being a mentor that is always available, our DIGIGURUS are also trained to actively engage students in conversations and listen actively. We make sure our students are heard! 

Helpful Tips

Keep the following in mind when encouraging your students.

  • Ask, don’t interrogate!
    A positive mentor doesn’t grill students for answers or accuse them of being incorrect. DIGIGURUS ask students for opinions, acknowledges them and then corrects misunderstandings. 
  • Keep it fresh!
    Students understand when you are patronizing them. Don’t resort to using the same generic compliments over and over again. Find something you genuinely appreciate and compliment them on it. Be authentic.

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Stop Micromanaging Your Children With Help From the Best Platform for Online Study!

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For new and experienced parents alike, the moment your child enters the world you have an overwhelming urge to give him/her the best possible treatment! But what starts off as a perfectly natural display of love and affection, soon turns into a routine with far-reaching effects in your child’s future. And when it comes to education particularly, we have noticed there is a lot of spoon-feeding done at home and school both. Online study platforms are driving change towards a more practical learning experience: an e-learning experience!

It is said that by the time a student enters the second grade, parents should stop being actively involved in homework and instead play a spectator role. DIGICHAMPS offers a healthy alternative to homework micromanaging through online tutoring with a DIGIGURU – a mentor available at all hours of the day to clarify doubts and explain concepts, but not do your homework for you!

To further expand on the perils of micromanagement, here are a few character traits micromanaged children often display.

  • Dependent
    Having been served the answers on a plate for their entire lives, these children can show difficulty formulating logical solutions to real-world problems on their own. While this may not interfere with daily lives, it can create indecisive future members of society.

    The DIGICHAMPS e-learning app features highly intuitive tests designed to make students think logically and apply concepts to succeed. 
  • Stunted Learning
    Learning is a process which involves making mistakes and then improving on them. And some skills can’t be taught at all but must be learned personally, take for example swimming. You can read up on it but you won’t learn how to swim till you dive in!

    Micromanaged children are often denied this opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them first-hand. 
  • Entitled
    Students that get all their homework done for them can never truly appreciate the effort spent and the concepts used to solve problems. This creates entitled and lazy people, expecting work to be done for them. 
  • Self-Critical
    Heavily micromanaged students can also suffer from unhealthy expectations that lead to highly self-critical behaviour. Never satisfied with the level of perfection, these types of students rely heavily on feedback from peers and mentors.

Our DIGIGURUS are trained to provide healthy and positive feedback, encouraging your children to perform to the best of their abilities. We firmly believe that there is no question too small to ask and no mistake you can’t learn from!

DIGICHAMPS offers students and innovative way of e-learning and allows parents to regularly monitor their child’s progress without hampering their individual learning process! Find out more on our site and download the app today to get started!

Nature vs Nurture: Can Beautification Make Classroom and E-Learning More Accessible?

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The debate between nature vs nurture has been fought for decades. Those on the side of nature believe that humans are born with behaviour, personality traits and abilities embedded in our genes, while people on the nurture side of the debate believe that these traits are acquired over a person’s life with the environment having great influence over the matter. However, as an educator, you should have complete clarity of thought; a mentor is tasked with nurturing their students’ talents.

Step into a typical Indian classroom. You are likely to find monotone walls with barely any natural light and an atmosphere of laziness hanging thick in the air. Such an environment is completely counterproductive to learning, but it is, unfortunately, the common scenario. So it should come as no surprise that students have to resort to online tuitions and coaching centres to cover the same topics they should have learnt in class!

Beautification can change the dynamics of classroom learning and in fact, also plays a big role in e-learning. Creatively designed user interfaces can make online study highly engaging and accessible. The benefits of a beautified classroom – physical or digital – lie on the nurture side of the aforementioned debate.
Comfortable environment
A comfortable, home-like atmosphere can ease students into the learning process and make them feel more confident about expressing themselves.

On an e-learning platform, user interface defines the first impression students make.

Creative environment
Colourful walls, decorated with images and posters can encourage students to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

Online study allows students to endlessly indulge in their curiosity, making course content available in creative and exciting formats.

Engaging environment
Get students to take part in the beautification of their classroom. It will help them open up and express themselves in unique ways.

Online courses are portals for collaborative learning. In today’s world, students feel more comfortable messaging each other than they would while speaking in class. E-learning can promote engagement through discussion.

Some ideas to beautify your classroom
Students are blank slates, their minds extremely receptive to new information. It falls upon mentors and teachers to impart useful information and create an open environment for learning.
Get students involved
Let your students help decorate the classroom. It will allow them to express themselves and feel more comfortable engaging with others.

Learning Aids
Use creative learning aids like YouTube videos and podcasts to present information in new formats. E-learning platforms like DIGICHAMPS enjoy huge success due to their highly immersive video lessons.

Multicultural Exposure
Get students to share their experiences and customs with the rest of the class. The only way to defeat ignorance is through education. Online study can open the doors to hugely diverse groups of students from all over the nation and abroad.

Time Capsules & Video Diaries
Maintain a video diary for your classroom and let students express their ambitions and interests. Revisit it at the end of the year and show your students how far they have come.

Learn more about DIGICHAMPS, the e-learning platform known for its innovative educational practices and dedicated online tutoring, on their site:

Getting Woke: The Mentors Promoting Independent Thinking

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Just a short time ago, in lieu of social injustices perpetrated by governmental agencies and officials, African Americans came up with the term ‘woke’ describing independent thinkers that were unafraid of airing their views and spreading the message about immoral practices. In June 2017, the term ‘woke’ was even officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The world today is connected to social media and lightning fast internet, where free-thinking individuals are not just welcomed, but needed. It now falls upon mentors and tutors to show students how they can develop these traits for independent thinking, from as early as the school itself!


This brings us to the main question at hand, “how does one encourage independent thinking?”. To answer this question, let us consider the DIGICHAMPS e-learning platform. DIGICHAMPS has created a highly immersive online platform for students who want to go beyond learning, for students who want to understand concepts, apply them in real life situations and create a strong work ethic for continued success in life. Here’s how they do it.


Step 1: Creating an open environment

By providing a platform for the online study where questions are encouraged, DIGICHAMPS creates an environment that promotes learning and thinking. Personal mentors, known as DIGIGURUS spend time individually with students to help address queries and make students feel acknowledged. A relaxed atmosphere is conducive to free thinking.


Step 2: What is an independent thinking?

You can most commonly find independent thinking skills in leaders. Independent thinkers are confident in their abilities and able to make intelligent decisions after considering all the factors in play. DIGIGURUS function as more than tuition teachers, they can be considered to be life coaches that help students polish leadership skills by being approachable and available 24/7!

Step 3: Fact-checking & first-hand learning

There is no limit to the information available online, but not all of it is accurate. DIGICHAMPS teaches students to check sources and confirm for themselves if what is being taught is correct. Their video lessons include real-world examples of concepts, which enables students to see its application for themselves. Seeing is believing.

Step 4: Reward individual achievements

Individual achievements and initiatives are rewarded at DIGICHAMPS. Take for example their testing method, which rewards high scorers by proudly displaying their names on a leaderboard for other students to see. Not only that, they can also earn coins for each task they complete and redeem them later for exciting gifts.

Step 5: Encouraging dissenting opinions

At DIGICHAMPS, diverging views are encouraged. Everyone has their opinion and by encouraging students to form their own point-of-view on matters, the DIGICHAMPS tuition teachers promote independent thinking.

Find out more about the independent thinkers at DIGICHAMPS, learn about how their e-learning platform and how dedicated mentors provide meaningful learning experiences for student across the nation. Visit their site at

Get a Head Start on Next Year’s Classes with 24/7 E-Learning

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The end of the school year marks a time of celebration. You’re done with exams and results are still months away! While most students choose to spend this time lazing about and killing time, truly dedicated students try to get a headstart on next year’s classes. But even these students face a major obstacle to learning. Like students, most tutors take a break during this offseason, leaving students to study new concepts on their own. This is where DIGICHAMPS’ online study and online tutoring platform provides the perfect solution for dedicated students. Don’t let timing impede your desire to learn!

We would like to present a fun, five-point simulation that shows how a DIGICHAMPS student would prepare for, and prosper in the coming year’s classes through our e-learning app.

Stage 1: Availability

Think of our e-learning app as a giant library of carefully curated content, from class 6 to class 10 maths and science all included. The only difference between DIGICHAMPS and a library is that we don’t close at night. Pick whatever you’d like to study, whenever you’d like to study. Our servers are up 24/7 and so are our DIGIGURUS.

Stage 2: Mentors

Speaking of DIGIGURUS – the DIGICHAMPS mentors, we believe every student should have a strong support system in place. Every new school year brings with it new concepts and tougher topics. Our DIGIGURUS encourage students to ask questions and get doubts clarified. They will even sit down and go through concepts step by step when needed.

Stage 3: Pace

Learning a new concept from scratch can be intimidating and even classroom learning can provide a challenge for students. Students feel shy to ask questions in class, for fear of disrupting their teacher’s lesson. Peer pressure starts building up as students watch other classmates understand concepts quicker than they can. Our online courses can be paused and revisited at any time, providing a platform for students to learn at their own pace.

Stage 4: Confidence

At some point or the other, all of us have asked our teacher to repeat a concept and still not get it! It makes you feel frustrated and lose confidence in yourself. But by studying concepts in advance, students are prepared mentally to follow lesson plans. At this point students aren’t just learning, they’re revising!

Stage 5: Participation

DIGICHAMPS understands the importance of understanding. Students go to school to learn concepts, but this generally translates into just memorizing. DIGICHAMPS ensures students get more through our interactive online courses because we believe engagement is the key to driving understanding. Students that are prepared for coming classes are more likely to participate actively in class and to keep updated on their syllabus.

Don’t wait for next year, become a champ today with the DIGICHAMPS e-learning app. Get a head start on life! Find out more at

Addressing Biases in E-Learning and Classroom Teaching

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Humans in general – and Indians specifically – are pretty opinionated beings. Strong opinions can lead to biased thinking, whether intentionally or subconsciously. After careful observation of classroom teaching and certain e-learning platforms, we have compiled a list of the most painfully evident biases that exist in our nation’s educational practices.

Gender Bias

The educational divide between Indian men and women is enormous, with an 18% gap in average literacy rate between genders. Take the example of elective courses offered in most schools; while boys tend to pick physical education courses, girls are often categorized in home science. Teachers need to encourage students to take part in new courses, regardless of gender stereotypes.

Platforms for online study do much better in this regard, as online anonymity provides students with an unbiased path to education.

Cultural Bias

Whether it presents itself in the form of language barriers or religion, cultural bias still exists in most rural areas of our nation. But it needs to be remembered that illiteracy breeds ignorance and the only way to combat it, is through education. Online courses bring education right to your doorstep, addressing the gap in literacy across rural areas.

Intelligence Bias

There are two major types of intelligence bias amongst mentors, both online and in-class.

  • The first type of intelligence bias can be seen in a teacher’s attitude towards underperforming students. These students are treated as lost cases, and teachers choose to divert focus to brighter students instead. But the converse of this is also true, where gifted students are deprived of attention due to the thinking that ‘they will be able to overcome obstacles themselves’. 
  • The second type of intelligence bias presents itself as a teacher’s ego. Mentors must be able to handle criticism from students. When a student corrects you in class, it needs to be addressed openly. Most often teachers will shrug off suggestions, thinking they know better than their students. An open classroom permits learning from both sides.

Behavioral Bias

A bad student is only as bad as you make him/her out to be. The reason students need to resort to online tutoring is that their teachers are unable to get through to them, or are simply unwilling to. We believe there is no such thing as bad students, just students waiting to be taught correctly.

While the next point is not a bias per se, it is something that can lead to bias in e-learning and classroom teaching.

Misinformation / Fake News

Information is power, but misinformation is doom. There are close to infinite sources of information in today’s digital world, and not all of them are accurate. But this problem is not specific to e-learning only, even classroom learning can be affected by the spread of fake news and rumors. Teach students to analyze sources for reliability and to not blindly believe whatever they read.

DIGICHAMPS provides a bias-free e-learning platform and dedicated personal mentors to give students the push they need to achieve their ambitions. Find out more on their site at

A Personalised E-Learning Approach to the Different Learning Types Amongst Students

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Much like students, learning comes in all shapes and sizes. As one of the largest platforms for e-learning in India, DIGICHAMPS has categorized learning into four distinct groups. In the future, we will refer to these categories as learning types. It is important to first understand that not every student learns in the same way. For example, some students may prefer to study using textbooks, while others might find the same text-based format to be incredibly taxing.

Through our online study platform, we create unique and personalized approaches for students of different learning types. Here is how DIGICHAMPS categorizes students.

Text-based Learners

For students that enjoy reading and writing, text-based learning is the most ideal format. DIGICHAMPS provides these learning types with highly informative breakdowns of concepts and course notes that offer insights into the lesson. Our online courses come fully equipped with text-based course content.

Auditory Learners

Audio learning types prefer to be taught orally. These students are great listeners and can understand concepts with ease when someone takes the time to explain it to them. Our mentors, also known as DIGIGURUS, provide complete support for these learning types. They connect with students to explain concepts and clarify doubts at all times of the day!

Practical Learners

Practical learning types depend on physical applications of concepts to understand them. These students learn from experience, internalizing concepts as they perform them with their own hands. DIGICHAMPS’ online courses provide a one-of-a-kind gamified testing process that pushes students to test themselves and learn from their mistakes in a fun manner.

Visual Learners

It is said that seeing is believing, and for visual learning types especially, this is very true! But it should be also noted that visual aids are powerful tools that can make learning extremely interesting for any student, regardless of learning types. DIGICHAMPS creates real-life video lessons, helping students to learn from practical demonstrations.

We provide students with a personalized lesson plan based on their learning type. A DIGICHAMPS student is first categorized into one of the four learning types. Based on which category he/she belongs to, our DIGIGURUS pick an appropriate format for online tutoring.

The DIGICHAMPS e-learning app aims to provide students with modern education in a modern format. From our extensive online courses to tab-based learning, there is no length we wouldn’t go to ensure a bright future for our students! Find out more on our site at:

E-learning & Entrepreneurship: Promoting a culture of innovation in India

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Game changing practices of online courses and online tutoring have altered traditional education, and you can see these changes most prevalently in schools and colleges today! Take, for example, the introduction of entrepreneurship courses, which have been a long time coming and are finally starting to appear in syllabuses across schools, colleges and even e-learning in India.

Entrepreneurship, in simplest words, is the activity of setting up a new business. Like most things, this sounds much simpler on paper. The only way to foster this entrepreneurial spirit is through personal experience and exposure to innovation at an early age. But remember that an experienced mentor can be the most valuable asset to a budding young entrepreneur!

Let’s take a look at how one of India’s premiere e learning platforms, DIGICHAMPS has successfully incorporated entrepreneurship and innovation in their online study app.

Educating through experience

The DIGICHAMPS online course comprises of an incredible range of practical demonstrations of school curriculum, application-based concept explainers, fun revision games and detailed analysis of tests. The aim is to encourage application-based learning, to show students and parents the importance of real world utilization of knowledge. The first step to entrepreneurial ambition is a sense of curiosity and wonder!

Modernization and mentorship

Innovation leads to modernization, and entrepreneurship follows a similar path. A few years ago you may have laughed at the thought of online tutoring in India, but this perception has changed entirely if competition in e learning is any indication. What separates DIGICHAMPS from other platforms of online study is the round the clock availability of a personal mentor – or DIGIGURUs. Not only are these tutors certified educators but also some of the most encouraging people you’ll meet!

Promoting research

One of the biggest outcomes of entrepreneurship is the increase in research and testing. Entrepreneurs don’t just sit around, they act! They think of new ideas, research the market and test out their solutions. The DIGICHAMPS app is filled with safe and exciting experiments students can perform at home, and understand real life applications of concepts they studied, so they improve and master it over a course of time!

Enforcing strong morals

Most successful entrepreneurs try to identify a common public issue and then fill this gap with their new business. Entrepreneurship not only helps add to our national economy but also empowers community and addresses problems in society and infrastructure. We believe in cultivating a strong moral compass in DIGICHAMPS students, while our DIGIGURUS are trained to provide positive encouragement and individual mentorship.

Find out more about our e learning app on our site: