The E-Learning X-Factor: What Makes An E-Learning App Truly Effective?

Recent years have seen an emergence in many online study platforms, platforms which have tried but failed to create a meaningful learning experience. There is a reason why online education is considered sub-par to traditional learning methods. Even degrees from online schools and colleges are treated as second-rate certifications when compared to on-site education.

And the reason is very simple! Most e learning platforms simply lift content from textbooks and copy paste them in attractive formats. This provides no additional benefit and the lack of a dedicated teacher can actually be a far less effective method of learning.

DIGICHAMPS, the champions of e learning in India have created an engaging curriculum of online courses on its app-based platform. We provide a smarter method of e learning, for a smarter generation of students!

  • Immersive Process

Basic e-learning: Most e learning apps not only utilize the same content as found in your textbooks, but also the same language! Learning with a basic e learning app means scrolling through slide after slide, something you could’ve been doing with your textbook too!

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: Our approach is an interactive one. DIGICHAMPS students are greeted by attractive infographics and videos on every screen. Tests are turned into a fun game like activities and scores are published on leaderboards to promote competition. Interactive learning is effective learning!

  • Easy to Follow

Basic e-learning: Besides outdated content and boring formats, another mistake most basic

e learning apps make, is completely neglecting the user interface. Today, internet is accessed majorly through smartphones. So ensure your app isn’t just functional, but also fun to use!

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: In addition to a beautiful and crisp user interface, our e learning app also provides a logical flow for online study. Students begin their learning experience with easy to understand explanations of concepts, followed by revision through physical application and real life examples. After this, they are tested in a fun gamelike process and finally mentored by our DIGIGURUS to prevent making the same mistakes again!

  • DIGIGURU Advantage

Basic e-learning: As is the case with most online study, once you have paid you are on your own! You get a bundle of content and resources, but how you use them falls entirely on your own shoulders.

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: Every student on our platform receives an individual mentor that is available to you 24/7. Whether it’s a tiny doubt or an entire concept you need clarified, our DIGIGURUS are available, always!

  • The DIY method

Basic e-learning: There is a huge difference in what do-it-yourself (DIY) means to a basic e learning app and what it means to DIGICHAMPS. For basic apps this would mean that you are given tools to succeed and then left on your own to do so.

DIGICHAMPS e-learning: For us, DIY refers to our dozens of videos of live demonstrations and practically applied concepts you can try out for yourself at home. Learn by applying, by doing it yourself! But feel free to reach out to a DIGIGURU whenever you need help!

  • History of Success

We can’t talk about the success of other e learning apps. What we can tell you, is that DIGICHAMPS has tutored thousands of students and upheld the guarantee of a 5% increase in scores for each and every one of them!

Download the DIGICHAMPS e learning app and witness for yourself the difference a good online course can make! Find out more on:

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