The Rise of Soft Skills in Traditional and E-Learning

What is a paradigm shift? A change in approach and in preconceived assumptions is known as a paradigm shift. And the education industry specifically is seeing many such shifts, from classroom learning to e-learning, from after-school tuitions to online tutoring and from hard skills to soft skills!

Hard skills vs Soft skills
Hard skills are skills which can be measured tangibly and taught through traditional methods. These skills include maths, language and computer software skills, amongst many others.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are very difficult to measure and are currently being taught through non-conventional methods such as online courses and workshops in schools, colleges and even businesses! These skills include the ability to communicate openly, displaying emotional empathy and presenting yourself, to name a few.

Soft skills through online study
You may have a friend that only talks freely with you around and barely at all when he/she is in a group. You might even be that person yourself! Most children and adults alike, have a fear of public speaking.

At DIGICHAMPS, we believe soft skills are really important for students to mould their future personalities. Having the right knowledge without the right presentation can cause more harm than good. So, we promote soft skills in our students via:
Open communication
DIGICHAMPS provides fun and interactive e-learning. We encourage students to speak up and be heard. Our DIGIGURUS provide doubt clarifications on an individual basis. Students who are afraid of asking questions in class can put their problems to rest with the guidance of our mentors, in addition to developing an attitude of asking questions.

Work ethic
One of the coolest DIGICHAMPS app features is our game-like test taking process. We hold regular tests to keep our students in touch with previous topics and then publish results on a leaderboard to foster a sense of competition. Our DIGIGURUS then attend to each student personally to mentor them on what to focus on and how to improve scores. It is very important to hold post test analysis and this is the strong work ethic we develop in our students.

DIGICHAMPS strives to provide the most comprehensive online study platform for students of grades VI – X. Here are some of the biggest advantages of learning with us!

An innovative and effective online course, developed by veteran educators
Certified DIGIGURUS provided to every student for round-the-clock support
Engaging tab-based learning and collaborative study techniques
Real life learning through video demonstrations and live examples
A guarantee of 5% increase in your grades!

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