Awaken Your Dormant Leadership Traits! Positive Mentorship and Online Study

It is said that education is the most noble of all professions, and I couldn’t agree more with the statement. After all, those who chose to teach are assuming the mantle of responsibility for developing tomorrow’s leaders. I would love to go on about how children are the future of our nation and how a good mentor can turn them into leaders, but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. So instead, let us talk about how one online study platform in particular, rather than simply teaching leadership skills, vigorously encourages students to awaken these traits within themselves.


The DIGICHAMPS modus operandi was best expressed by world renowned poet Robert Frost, who succinctly stated, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener”. The DIGICHAMPS e-learning platform allows students to learn at their own pace and personal mentors or DIGIGURUS provide around the clock, individual attention to encourage students to develop leadership traits. Leadership can not be taught, but leadership qualities that lie dormant in every student can be awakened!


What traits do leaders possess?

I strongly believe that students aren’t born leaders, but rather learn how to lead over the course of their schooling and career. Here’s how you can identify a future leader

  • ‘Sky’s the limit’ attitude
    Leaders are visionaries. They do not define ambitions by the extent of their talents, they gain the required talents to satisfy their ambitions instead.

  • When they talk, people listen
    Their words carry weight and they carry purpose, inspiring peers and motivating them to perform to the best of their capabilities. Strong communication skills and self-confidence become nearly second nature to leaders.

  • Highly approachable
    Leaders lead, but they couldn’t without a team. They are emotionally intelligent, capable of empathising with others, making them very easy to talk to.

  • You can count on them
    People trust those who lead by example. Reliability is a key leadership trait. A leader’s word is bond.


How do you develop leadership traits?

DIGICHAMPS provides a holistic e-learning experience for students, integrating leadership trait development, real world learning and high-tech online tutoring in a highly intuitive format that students can fully utilize from day one!

  • Online Tutoring
    A dedicated mentor can make a world of difference to learning. DIGIGURUS motivate students to perform better, encourage them to ask questions and develop self-confidence and clarify doubts at any time of the day.

  • Skill Development
    Whether it’s learning through modern app-based technology or through videos of practical demonstrations, DIGICHAMPS has created a fun and interactive online study platform for leadership skills development.

  • Experience
    Expertise matters in all fields of life and for leaders in particular, it is a basic requirement. Students can test themselves repeatedly on the DIGICHAMPS e-learning app to develop a strong understanding of concepts. DIGICHAMPS has adopted a game like testing format, where scores are published on leaderboard in a manner similar to video game high scores. This makes testing very approachable and fun!


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